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I am women hear me roar! I always knew that being female was special. We are powerful, passionate and a tad crazy at times. But in all of that, I proudly own it! I’m proud of who I am as a women and what I have achieved thus far. After the birth of each of my babies it made me realize just how amazing we really are. What our bodies and minds take on. We can really do anything we put our minds to, there’s really no stopping us! Even when I was down and felt at my lowest, I managed to get through it when I thought I wouldn’t. It’s all about fuelling our passions. Now that I have my own little lady, I want to make sure she understands just how special she is. I want her to embrace it and empower her role as a feminist! Which is where Wuchild comes in….

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I recently stumbled upon this cool little community Wuchild, created by Yvette + Bernice in February of 2015. Two of the raddest moms I’ve ever met! Wuchild is inspired by the community they live in, they create beautiful apparel for styling kids and moms. Keeping it real in their #parklife teesheadwraps  and cozy Feminist Sweaters. They are all about creating bonds mom to mom. Helping others transition into motherhood while balancing the demands of family, work and life in general. Wuchild is fashion with a purpose, making a social and styling statement. To myself the idea of bringing women together and supporting each other and our goals means so much! We are in it together and should advocate each other to make a difference, even if it’s only a small one!

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I’m trying my best as a mother to a daughter, making it ever more crucial to teach her and Owen the importance of feminism. To teach Ella about equality and just because she’s a girl doesn’t make her a force in the kitchen. I want Owen to grow up respecting the rights women have and appreciate their worth just as much. Men and women can do both and shouldn’t feel ashamed by doing the dishes or taking the car to the mechanic. When you raise a busy family theres not one person who should or shouldn’t do certain daily tasks in life. We are all equal.

I’m proud to be a feminist. She will grow up knowing her worth in life and she will grow up to be damn proud of it! The boys in our home get a run for their money that’s for sure…I’m also very proud to support Wuchild and I defiantly think they are worth checking out and following!


Q&A With Wuchild

Do you have any advice for moms?

It’s ok to feel shitty, like you’ve made a huge mistake. It doesn’t make you a bad mom. It makes you human and someone who has led a pretty great life up until motherhood. You’ll get back to that one day. No it won’t be the same; it’ll be better cause you’ll have survived some unknown lows and made it through.

What are some future goals for Wuchild?

We want to become a platform for moms to reignite their creative selves. When we were on mat leave we felt a total loss of self identity (you know how we tend to refer to each other as “so and so’s mom” versus our real names.) I did it all the time! Not sure why… but our world revolves so heavily around baby that we kinda lose a bit of ourselves.. or at least we did. Wuchild became this amazing creative outlet for us… where we got to explore many untapped sides of ourselves through writing, photography, design, etc. We couldn’t help but feel that a bit of magic when we put time into Wuchild. So in a nut shell, we want to give this little magic bubble to other moms out there who might be struggling to find that balance between being a mom and your own person.


image-35Wuchild Website

Wuchild Facebook

Wuchild Instagram

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Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.



9 thoughts on “Wuchild | Feminism

  1. Wow I love these crewnecks and I’ll definitely be purchasing one ASAP! You’re sending such a positive message to your daughter and there’s nothing better than that. Great post
    ♡ Julia | lifeofjules.com


  2. I’m a Mom to all boys and this is a mindset many have that I don’t believe will change any time in the near future. My boys have been infants and I field questions about their football careers. We purchased a play kitchen last year and have been told by well meaning friends and family that it’s a ‘girl’s’ toy. I want my sons to be well rounded including cooking and cleaning, as well as having the ability to earn a good salary. I wish people would look at well-roundedness instead of men vs women overall.


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