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I love to support small shops. Something that my mom and I love to do when I was younger and when we reunite is visit our favourite small shops in Nova Scotia. We both have a passion for decorating, home decor and pretty things! Our favourite time is of course the holidays when all the shops are decorated and lit up. We can find one of a kind gifts for our loved ones. I’m so grateful for those precious memories with her!


It’s so much more than just shopping small. It’s building a relationship, it’s getting to know the owners in your community. Learning about their passion and drive for doing what they do. Putting their heart, soul and personality into something that you also enjoy! It’s been a pleasure getting to know Jeanie Blecker the owner of The Button Box Boutique. She is the definition of ‘Mom Boss’ and this exquisite lady knows how to get it done! 10 years ago she started her first buisness by selling antiques and repurposed pieces from a studio at her home. After doing this for about a year she knew she wanted more. Jeanie wanted to branch out and step it up a notch opening a retail space!

At The Button Box you will discover an assortment of wonderful gifts such as ladies accessories, home decor, antiques and vintage flea market finds. They offer a mix of decorating ideas such as romantic French Country, Modern and Traditional. The Button Box also takes great pride in supporting local Canadian buisness’s and choose the finest selection of items. I never go in looking for anything in particular because every time I walk in there’s always something new and beautiful, and of course I need it all! It’s become my home away from home, when I need a few minutes to myself I normally visit The Button Box and browse around with coffee in hand!

This holiday season I encourage you to visit The Button Box, visit Chilliwack and wander around Mill Street supporting all that these local shops have to offer! You’ll be guaranteed to find something you’ll like. You’ll be lost in a trans of beauty!

Keisha, xx


Read below a beautiful little story from Jeanie herself. It’s something so dear to her that has turned her dreams into reality…

“A little story about me”… Jeanie Blecker

Many years ago. I found myself at a time in my life when I was presented with the difficult task of sorting and packing my Mother’s lifetime of personal belongings. She was about to be admitted into a nursing home as she was battling Alzheimers disease.

Opening her dresser drawer, I lovingly packer her most precious things. Reaching deep into the drawer, much to my delight, I came upon a treasure so dear to my heart that it brought tears to my eyes. How could I have forgotten? Time and time again, throughout my childhood, it had brought me so much pleasure. The Button Box, in all it’s glory, lay before my eyes waiting to unleash the exquisite array of colors, shapes, textures and sizes.

I have wonderful memories of this rather shabby, but undeniably, elegant tin box. This was particularly so, when I was home from school with the sniffles, as my Mother would offer this box as a way to keep me occupied. Slowly, I would lift the lid, my little fingers would gather the contents, and if by magic I imagined they had become jewels. I always had the option of sorting the buttons by color or I could simply swish them about by the handfuls. From shiny to fabric covered, from smooth to rough textured, with a bevy of colors galore.

The beauty of these buttons was delightful but more importantly the simplicity filled a little girls heart with joy. Years later, I fulfilled my life long dream of opening a shop. I knew that my first priority would be to give it a special name. Upon reflection, The Button Box came to mind, and in a heartbeat I knew that my quaint shop was born.”


buttonbox nov 23-100




buttonbox nov 23-122



Find and Follow The Button Box:

9369 Mill Street 

Chilliwack, B.C

The Button Box Boutique Website

                                                                    The Button Box Boutique Facebook

                                                                     The Button Box Boutique Instagram

                                   Photography: Sharalee Prang



9 thoughts on “The Button Box | Shop Small

  1. Keisha, thank you for writing such a beautiful post about my shop! It is always inspiring to read what people experience when visiting. As a long time shop owner, I often get caught up on the vast array of duties that need attending too, on a daily basis. Reading your words becomes humbling and I am brought back to what my goal is. The goal? An oasis for anyone who lives for beauty and simplicity, to leave their worries at the door (if only for a moment), to share a laugh or two, and best of all to meet old friends and make new acquaintances. We are taken back to the basics of the old fashioned neighbourhood shops! J. xo


  2. What a gorgeous shop! I was just in Chilliwack for the first time this summer, and love the area. So beautiful there, and such a great sense of community. I think it’s important to shop local and appreciate you sharing the story of this shop!


  3. I remember a button jar when I was growing up…a great memory for you and a great way to honor your mother. Your shop looks so cozy with great products…I’ll probably never make it to BC, though. Live too far away 😦


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