Sewn Designs | Meet The Maker

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Alesia Akehurst is the owner, designer and creator of Sewn Designs. She hand makes sexy + comfortable lingerie bralettes. Using only quality and locally sourced materials. Established in 2013, she started by making one for herself and then soon after received requests from friends. A self taught designer, learning how to sew as a young girl with the help from her grandmother. What makes Sewn Designs so special is that each piece is made unique and each order has a slight variation making it custom and one of a kind!

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Recently I got my hands on the Summer Nights|Black Bodice Bralette. I love the shape and how it hugs around my ribs. The selling feature for me was the way it covered slightly a little more skin and the lovely detail throughout. Excluding the underwire while still keeping the girls in place, perfect for wearing under any day wear. The Summer Nights is covered in geometric lace shapes and very comfortable. I’m owning my ‘mom boobs’ and embracing how they may look after breastfeeding. Now that it’s over they are finally back to being my own and I’m celebrating with bralettes and trashing the breast pads!

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Keisha Lynne, xx


5 thoughts on “Sewn Designs | Meet The Maker

  1. Love these! I’ll certainly be heading over there to have a look. Lingerie is not my favorite thing to buy but when they’re this elegant looking I can’t help it!


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