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Starting your baby on solid foods can be fun, playful and messy! I love to watch their faces when they try something new, something good and even something bad. There are so many things to take into consideration when starting. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! At around 6 months is the ideal time to start the transition. We started at 5 months with Ella, easing in with the basic iron-fortified rice cereal once a day with added breast milk. Eventually, this became to boring for our girl. I started to slowly add flavour with puree applesauce, fruits and veggies. Waiting a few days in between each new food to be sure they’re weren’t any allergies!

When Owen was a baby, I had so much extra time. I would make all of his meals by scratch. I’d spend every other day washing, boiling, pureeing and freezing all organic fruit and vegetables. Now with two kids and a very busy lifestyle I sadly don’t have as much time as I use to. I felt really guilty when I couldn’t do the same for Ella, until I came across Love Child Organics. I trust the brand and have turned to this product to feed my little girl. Which I have to say most days she eats healthier than us! Actually, everyday she eats better than us!


LCO believe’s it all begins with food. Putting love into creating the best organic puree’s and treats with all natural ingredients. It’s certified organic, no gmo’s and nut free. No added sugar, salt, artificial additives and no fillers. The idea of LCO all started with Leah and her husband John when they became parents. Becoming concerned with the quality of food their children were consuming. They soon became aware that organic meant a lot of different things to a lot of different companies. Most organic products still had added sugars, preservatives and fillers. Once realizing this they then started up their own food company for infants and young children. Leaving out all the bad stuff and including only the nutritionally rich ingredients!

Ella first began the transition with LCO’s Simple First puree then to Super Blends starting at 6 months. Having two meals of this a day, all while still drinking breast milk. Then Power Yo’rridge at 8 months. Moving up to three meals a day and still drinking breast milk. Girl likes her food! LCO also offers tasty snacks marked accordingly to age starting at 7 months-12 months. At 7 years old Owen even loves eating it. I love snacking on some of it to! P.S. Owlies (sweet potato & ginger spelt cookies) are the bomb, I’m eating them now!

What I love about LCO is the mixture of different fruits and veggies in one pouch. You can find a blend of bananas, pumpkin, pears and coconut. Or just basic mango! I’ve never had a child eat Kale until LCO and love it. The added super foods such as chia, spelt, quinoa are all very rich in nutrients. Locally made and packaging is BPA, BPS, phthalate free. It makes me feel at ease knowing that what she’s eating doesn’t have harmful chemicals added!

At 10 months Ella will eat the puree, but she wants more. Desperate to grow up and follow the rest of her family at dinner. We’ve started letting her self-feed and introducing newer, easy to chew basic foods. She’s slowly becoming a pro! We have started to teach her the idea of tableware; cups, plates, spoons and forks. For the most part she stares at it and laughs, ending with it on the floor. But it’s a start!

For more information and answers to some of your questions visit Love Child Organics . They have a great Q&A!



Signs to look for to know when your baby is ready for solids:

  • Head Control. Your baby needs to be able to keep his head in a steady upright position.
  • Swallowing. Your needs to know the motion of swallowing
  • Sitting well when supported. Even if he’s not ready for a highchair. It helps if they can sit upright and swallow well.
  • Chewing Motions. Being able to move food to the back of his mouth and swallow.
  • Growing Appetite. Always seems hungry. Even with many feedings of breast milk a day.
  • Curiosity of Food. When your baby starts staring your food down!

Getting an Idea of when they are full:

  • Your baby leans back in his chair
  • Turns his head away from food
  • Starts playing with the utensil
  • Refuses to open up for the next bite.



Keisha Lynne, xx



14 thoughts on “Starting Solids | Love Child Organics

  1. Solids are fun! Our little boy is smashing through fruits + veg. My background is nutrition + fitness and I love making his foods from scratch. What a wonderful idea.x


  2. What a great selection of foods offered by this brand! It’s so nice to give littles a variation of things to try but you want to make sure they are good quality. Thanks!


  3. Thank you for sharing! I haven’t heard of them and my son will start solids in about a month and a half. I’m so excited, but definitely wanted to find something to grab when I don’t have time to make him something.


  4. So many yummies – this really brings me back when I was wondering what would be good for my babies and sitting around tasting them in front of them. Yes – their expressions are priceless. Still are – my kids are so enthusiastic – so infectious and I hope it never changes. Nowadays my little ones fight over my hubby’s healthy pouches – I don’t see the difference anymore! Such a considerate post. Thanks.


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