Little & Lively


Theres nothing more adorable than dressing up our littles in ridiculously cute baby and kids clothing. Having a girl makes it even more fun with the many accessories, pinks and frills! “Little & Lively” were one of the first children apparel lines that I was introduced to when I became pregnant with Ella. I instantly fell in love with this line. Created by the lovely Carmen West located in Abbotsford, B.C. Carmen is dedicated in keeping buisness close to home and employs local people to encourage supporting the community.


Recently, Little & Lively launched the brand new 2015 Fall/Winter Collection.  The collection includes slouchy pom pom beanies, gold foil designed sweaters, leggings, hooded blankets and long sleeved adorable dresses! This seasons looks are all about mix and match coordinates. They’ve added for the first time ever solid colour fabrics and more of a selection of gender neutral, feminine and traditional boy prints.

Each piece is handmade and designed using fun, whimsical, stylish prints and unique patterns. Ensuring comfort and easy styles all while matching every child’s unique personality. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the Fall/Winter look book yet, I definitely recommend taking a browse! Enjoy!








Keisha Lynne, xo


11 thoughts on “Little & Lively

  1. So incredibly adorable! Thanks for the smiles for miles. Been a while since my little ones were this tiny. That is a great line and great job on the feature. I would definitely go there if they came in bigger sizes!


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