Plaj Towels | Fall Must Have


Fall is coming! Let the sweaters, tea, boots, scarves and blankets commence! This is my favourite time of the year. The crisp fresh air and changing of leaves. Starting a new season always feels like starting a clean slate.


I have many fall “must haves” and this year I had my eye on Plaj! Something as versatile as this always becomes number one on my list. If I can use one thing as multiple items then I’m a happy mom! They’re lightweight, fast absorbing and fast drying which turns them from towel to blanket in a matter of minutes.

Plaj are premium made Turkish towels hand-loomed with fine natural fibres of thread such as bamboo/cotton and linen/cotton. They’re finished with exquisite simplicity and detail. Turkish people have been using these types of towels for over 600 years. The craftsmanship it takes to make one is a form of artwork that gets passed on through the generations. These modern day towels/blankets are eco-friendly, soft to the touch and go with any style. They offer larger blankets, kimonos and towels.


Plaj, which are made in Turkey but curated in New Westminster, B.C Canada are used all over the world today for many uses such as..

  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Beach (towel or blanket)
  • Spa
  • Pilates/yoga
  • Scarf
  •  Baby wrap
  • At home as a towel or blanket

Nothing fills my heart more and is more cozier than bundling up with my littles on cool days watching movies. Plaj will be attending many movie nights this fall and winter!




Stores that carry Plaj Turkish Towels:


  • House of Alaia- Tofino, BC
  • Wilde and Sparrow- Parksville, BC
  • 3 Singing Birds- Whistler, BC
  • Nineteen Ten Home Boutique- Vancouver, BC
  • Citizen Grace- Vancouver, BC
  • Charlie & Lee- Vancouver, BC
  • Fresh Laundry- Calgary, AB
  • Bravado Gift Box- Calgary, AB
  • Tonic- Saskatoon, SK
  • Goods Shop- Ottawa, ON
  • General 54- Montreal, QC


  • Oliver Hawaii- Kailua,HI
  • Wilder- Nashville, TN
  • Hawthron Salon- Jacksonville, FL






Keisha Lynne,xo


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