Little Blue Canoe


Within this last year I have found, for myself that online shopping has been my lifesaver. Buying things and getting things done while feeding the baby and watching the littles play so quietly is an amazing feeling. A few years ago I wouldn’t be caught using my credit card to purchase anything online. The thought always scared me. But dealing with two kids in a shopping centre scared me out of any fear I had of online shopping!

We’ve all been there… Just running into the store to quickly grab something that should only take 30 minutes… Only to end up an hour or two or three later your walking out of the store with two crying kids. Having bought random items, completely forgetting what you went in for in the first place! I secretly wish every store had a drive thru. With that being said, I do love my cardio so when mommy gets alone time I do hit up the stores like I’m on exclusive vacation! Shopping alone is a real luxury to me.

Little Blue Canoe is a perfect one stop shop! The cutest online shop made up of curated gifts all handcrafted in Canada. The founder Kelly Bruce started in the fall of 2014 with the passion of bringing together Canadian talent, products and people. You can find everything from home, bath, accessories, baby and kids. With many local brands such as; Haven Living, Glitter & Spice, The Wild Kids Apparel and many many more! Thanks to Little Blue Canoe Ive put together a sweet baby gift with all kinds of great items. With family and friends all over I’m always in need of a good baby gift and this is just the spot to find that and more!

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Little Blue Canoe//Baby Essentials

image-138The Wild Kids Apparel Elephant Onesie. Designed and printed in Canada on American Apparel clothing. Printed using non-toxic water based ink. The clothing is 100% cotton making it soft and light on your littles skin. Attached: Glitter & Spice cookie teething clip!


Haven Living//Sprout Baby Skin Care. Made with 100% pure organic ingredients and essential oils. It’s ultra calming and nourishes babies delicate skin.image-150Glitter & Spice Teething Jewelry. Free of all nasty chemicals. Help making teething easier for you and your littles.


Wrinkle & Crease//Tricia O stationary. Love sending and receiving personal hand written notes. These designs are amazing!


Keisha Lynne,xo


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